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CoART Magazine is a dedicated digital digest concerning designer toys, which for all intents and purposes is a sculptural form of pop surrealism, an art movement that combines the dream-like imagery of surrealism with pop art‘s elevation of the mundane. Resulting in works that are equally immersed in the popular culture and infused with the artist’s own fantastical aesthetic, pop surrealist and designer toy works tend to be permeated with social commentary, parodic humor, or even simply a kitschy appeal.

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Yoshitomo Nara's PupCup

As the calendar changed to December in 1959, the residents of northern Japan's Tōhoku region surely prepared for the approaching winter by b...

Quiccs' HelloKitty TEQ

Her yellow button nose is flanked by trios of whiskers, cartoonishly dot eyes completing her mouthless visage, all contained within a page w...
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Sket-One's Jinro Dunny

Though Roy Lichtenstein began transforming comic panels from their lowbrow origins to dot-decorated canvases the year before, it is probably...
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[Nick Curtis of CoART Magazine’s] piece illustrates the heavy narrative surrounding each of the figures[…] It shows how deeply one can read these characters.CFile