About CoART Magazine

CoART Magazine is an independent online magazine that provides in-depth, critical coverage of quality works within the designer toy art movement.

Why the focus on Designer Toys?

CoART Magazine Logo

CoART Magazine logo

In the background:
Coarse (Mark Landwehr & Sven Waschk)
omen wood — ash (detail), 2014
Wood, edition of 25
4½ × 2⅞ × 2⅞ in.

Because we are passionate collectors of designer toys, we feel it our duty to shine a light on these works of art and champion them. We noticed that there was a disappointing lack of insightful, critical reviews for this art movement. Furthermore, many proponents focused on the toy aspect, treating the art side almost dismissively. Consequently, being art toy advocates, we sought to remedy this immediately.

Two of the foremost contemporary art collectors in the world, Eli & Edythe Broad, stated that “the best art collections were assembled at the time the works were created, during the artist’s lifetime.”1“Founder’s Foreword” by Eli & Edythe Broad. Printed in The Broad Collection (Munich: Prestel Publishing, 2015), edited by Joanne Heyler with Ed Schad & Chelsea Beck, page 10. This perfectly explains the value of an emerging contemporary art movement, like designer toys. And we feel that truer words have never been spoken.

What is CoART Magazine?

Founded in the summer of 2015, CoART Magazine began as a way for my wife and me to merge our passions: video editing and art toys.

Through our designer toy reviews, we shared a message of artistic elements over commercial aspects. Of the art over the toy. After a year of producing these well-received videos, we wanted to grow our message’s audience. As a result, it was time to create an independent online magazine.

So what is CoART Magazine? An exploration of Contemporary Art Rendered as Toys, a term we created the acronym CoART for.

Meet CoART Magazine’s Founders

CoART Magazine's Founders & Editors in Chief

CoART Founders & Editors in Chief,
Nick Curtis & Pamela Ralat

Nick Curtis is a well-established voice within the designer toy community, having served as a critic & writer for Spanky Stokes (2012-2018), the associate editor of Clutter Magazine (2013-Present), and an organizer of the Designer Toy Awards (2014 & 2015).

Pamela Ralat is an Emmy Award-winning editor specializing in documentary and non-fiction works, having created content for television, film, and digital platforms. Having had her works screened at numerous festivals around the world as well as both domestic and international theatrical runs, Pamela enjoys sharing her love and knowledge of editing with aspiring filmmakers, having taught editing, post-production techniques, and AVID certification courses in workshop settings as well as at the undergraduate and graduate level.

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