Artist: Adam Wallacavage

While Adam Wallacavage (American, b. 1969) received his BFA in Photography from Philadelphia’s University of the Arts in 1995, his art career took a decided turn when he bought a house with his then-wife in 2000. A former doctor’s office, Wallacavage decided to make the residence more personal by learning to handmake intricate plasterwork molding.

By 2001, Wallacavage had mastered the craft of ornamental plastering to the point that he began experimenting with making chandeliers out of the material. And these working light sources, which are commonly octopus-shaped, have become the signature creation of Wallacavage’s oeuvre. As his popularity grew, the artist shifted from creating plaster molds to sculpting in epoxy clay, though he continued to decorate the finished works with pigmented epoxy resin.

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