Artist: Coarse

Coarse is the artist identity of the Mark Landwehr (German, b. June 12, 19XX) and Sven Waschk (German, b. January 21, 1981). Landwehr began using the name in 2003, though it wasn’t until 2007 that Waschk would enter the partnership. Their chiseled sculptural forms are often express themes of denial, betrayal, and lies, all hidden underneath the veneer of innocence.

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Coarse's Do Not Disturb

I hope you’re prepared to delve again into Coarse’s animal fable based sculpture series. Serving as a follow-up to their 2015 Permanent Gues...

Coarse's Kwaii

The blank stare on Kwaii (2016) by coarse seems extremely appropriate on this vinyl work. Typically associated with connoting dim-wittedness...

Coarse's Permanent Guest

I was sold on coarse's Permanent Guest from the moment I saw it. I found something reminiscent of Calvin & Hobbes in the design. Of course, ...