Artist: Fools Paradise

Before founding Fools Paradise in 2008, Alan Ng (Chinese, b. December 15, 19XX) was a member of the four-person Boredomsqueezer artist collective. Established in 2004 as mainly a graphic design and multi-media group, they unveiled their Boredom City series of 16 handmade action figures as part of the following year’s Boring Exhibition in Hong Kong. Bordomsqueezer evolved their entry into designer toy sculptural work with their Walking Paradise exhibition in September of 2006, which consisted of a haute couture female fashion figure series.

Originally working under the guise DoubleLine, Ng evolved his own world of creations through Fools Paradise. Starting with the Handmade:12 series, which was similar to the Bordomsqueezer work, a cast of reoccurring characters evolved. Eventually, Ng’s creations would begin taking on pop art parody elements.

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