Alessandro Gallo & Beth Cavener’s Lost in Thought

When it comes to anthropomorphized animals, artists Alessandro Gallo and Beth Cavener have very different approaches. Gallo sculpts fantastical hybrids, as exemplified in his For Some Reason exhibition (see report here), realistically rendered bestial heads supplanted on equally lifelike human bodies. Cavener, on the other hand, utilizes figurative forms for her animals, their human-like aspects being inner thoughts conveyed through nuanced expressions.
This husband and wife pair recently collaborated on a new piece, the first one that they ever worked together on aspects of — with Cavener sculpting the head, Gallo constructing the torso, and both of them building the hands and limbs in unison. Melding their aesthetics perfectly, this approximately 20 in. tall, 25 in. long, and 12½ in. deep piece is titled Lost in Thought (2017).
Dreams of flight are a common occurrence, people gaining a sense of euphoria and freedom from them. So why can’t the same be true for a rabbit? Notoriously creatures of the earth, racing across it by day and sleeping within it at night, this depiction’s rough-hewn hare-head gazes lackadaisically downward in contrast to the flock of mid-flight bird shapes decorating its backside. These are obviously not tattoos, as they flow seamlessly from its clothing onto its skin. They are also not shadows, as they do not contort with the varied angles of the form. They are daydreams manifest, projections of this creature’s desire to soar above the world it is limited to.
And this dichotomy between the ground and the sky is emphasized by the stoneware sculpture’s stance, its arms hanging downward too far to ever allow this work to lie flat on the floor. It must reside on a shelf, a place that is neither of above nor below; a mid-point between the two, its eyes locked on one as its dreams reside in the other.

Exhibition Details for Lost in Thought

Gallo & Cavener’s Lost in Thought made its public display debut as part of the Welcome to New Jersey exhibition at Jonathan LeVine Projects. Having had its opening reception on Saturday, February 18th from 6-8pm, all works in this exhibition will remain on display until March 18th, 2017 at the gallery’s physical location (888 Newark Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07306).

View the gallery’s dedicated page for the exhibition

For more information on Alessandro Gallo:
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For more information on Beth Cavener:
website | facebook | instagram

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