Brian Viveros’ Bullheaded

At first glance, the vixens inhabiting Brian M. ViverosDirtyLand series appear as pin-up models, flawless skin and immaculate makeup accentuated by a dangling cigarette from their pouted lips. But closer examination reveals not only bared flesh but also defiant postures, each standing tall as champions and survivors. Not simply some cast of fictitious warrior women, Viveros’ recurring character motifs embody strong and powerful everywomen. And while not every woman might be able to directly relate herself to the militant DirtyTrooper, the Bull-Fight-Her matador, the boxing EvilLast girl, or the horned helmet adorned Bullheaded, they are manifestations of the truth lying underneath every woman’s surface.

A Brief History of Brian Viveros

With September of 1996’s Deep Inside: The Art of Porno exhibition at The Musee d’art Contemporain Pornographique in Lausanne, Switzerland, Viveros gained international recognition and exposure for his erotic art, which was featured alongside celebrated artists like fetish photographer Eric Kroll and biomechanical painter H.R. Giger. But it would be roughly a decade later that Viveros’ aesthetic truly coalesced, the artist exploring more personal and representative imagery for a solo exhibition organized by the Museum of Porn in Art at Edi’s Weinstube in Zürich. And thus DirtyLand was born. As Viveros’ technical proficiency with oils, airbrushs, acrylics, and inks evolved to their modern near perfection, his concept of DirtyLand steadily refined itself as well. Arguably culminating with 2010’s The Dirtyland solo exhibition at California’s Thinkspace Art Gallery, he would return there on November 7th, 2015 for the first comprehensive presentation of all new work by the artist in years: Matador. Coinciding with the release of Viveros’ first monograph art book, this massive solo exhibition included a site-specific installation, props and source materials from the artist’s studio, and debuted a new large-format sculpture created in collaboration with the Pretty In Plastic fabrication studio, titled Bullheaded.

The Debut of Bullheaded at the Matador Exhibition

With many of the works in Matador having been inspired by the tempestuous Spanish tradition of the same name, the horn cap adorning the Bullheaded sculpture establishes this vixen as the bullfighter’s adversary. A larger-than-life head mount on a birch wood plaque, this signature DirtyLand smoking girl’s appearance was 3D sculpted by Ramirez Studios from Viveros’ concept drawings, the finished urethane resin cast edition of 12 was fabricated by Pretty In Plastic and individually hand-painted by Viveros himself. Capturing the helmet and cigarette elements most associate with the artist’s DirtyLand characters, the true testament of this piece’s skillful execution is the eyes, the unblinking orbs imparting her true story. Formed with the powerful clarity of an impaling gaze, there’s a subtle and nuanced expression of pain and vulnerability radiating from them as well. And this seemed to be the sole edition of Bullheaded until…

Bullheaded Returns in Blood Red Edition

Just over two years after the initial rendition debuted, Viveros and Pretty In Plastic partnered again on a Blood Red Edition of the Bullheaded form. Shrunk to less than half the size of the original while magnificently maintaining the sculptural details, this limited edition of 13 pieces are painted in a deep coloration symbolic of sultry seduction and the warrior spirit, a perfect fit for the strong, powerful women of DirtyLand. Coming with a signed and numbered plate on the back of the wall mount plaque, these are packaged in a magnetic gift box and accompanied by a wax sealed envelope containing a Certificate of Authenticity, a set of die-cut stickers, and the first reissuing since 2009 of the You Get The Horns giclée print. And what could be more appropriate, since if you mess with the Bullheaded, you get the horns!

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