A thread of electricity crawls across the blackness, it’s thunderous roar briefly shattering the nighttime sky. And in that moment of illumination, the vision of a hilltop is revealed, a lone tree erupting from the mound. Perhaps there is a shoddily assembled wooden sign sunken into the earth, the childlike scrawling upon it declaring “Welcome to Creepy Hill”. And maybe the darkness relents enough to catch a glimpse of tiny forms conducting their unearthly scurrying across this land. As per the warning, welcome to Creepy Hill.

What is Creepy Hill?

Regardless of its ominous name, Creepy Hill is a fictional locale where everyone is welcomed, where friendless creatures can shed their outcast nature and find other nightmarishly adorable comrades. Populated by the creations of husband-and-wife artist team CabbitQ (Catherine “Cat” Peng) and Dominic Qwek, the ever-growing sculptural Creepy Hill world publicly debuted at 2015’s San Diego Comic-Con with the skull-headed & horned Bobby character (learn more here). Proving quite popular, Bobby returned in a successful Kickstarter campaign before the end of the year, subsequent additions to his universe being the clown-faced larva Clyde, the arachnid-rabbit hybrid Roger, the wide-eyed alien Simon, and Creepy Hill‘s newest member, Hiro.

Introducing Creepy Hill: Hiro

Nicknamed “The Pudgy Protector”, CabbitQ & Dominic Qwek’s Hiro is the most recent addition to their family of characters. Purportedly found in a birch tree forest near the fictional Creepy Hill setting, this draconic creation stands roughly 4-inches tall, which is supposedly its true and accurate, life-size height. With it’s pudgy frame cast in nearly 2 pounds of resin, Hiro‘s backstory describes the ancient dragon blood that courses through its veins, its heroic mentality leading it to protect others from monsters and bullies that seek to harm them in the slightest. Issued by the artists in a three-part, unassembled DIY Kit version that allows one to either decorate themselves or commission an artist to adorn its exterior, the beautifully hand-finished Painted rendition is stunning, a vibrant tonality granted to each scale on its back, each fold in its plump flesh, and each weathered crevice upon its skull-like head.

Click Here to Acquire one or more of the Creepy Hill inhabitants, including Hiro.

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