Known for his striking, starkly monochromatic characters that intertwine with colorful embellishments and backgrounds, the artworks of Eelus can now be seen adorning an international array of gallery walls. But, back in the early 2000s, he was a neophyte street artist, his stenciled imagery slowly spreading across the public spaces of East London. Quickly becoming recognized for his creative concepts and skillful executions, one of this self-taught artist’s first stencils would become arguably his most popular and iconic, a tongue-in-cheek pop cultural parody of a young girl walking an AT-AT from the Star Wars films on a leash like a dog. And this design, as collectors would soon learn, was titled Shat-At.

A Brief History of the Shat-At

Conceived by Eelus originally as a t-shirt design, the Shat-At is a beautiful play on the All Terrain Armored Transport’s designation, it being one of the Star Wars universe vehicles collectively known as Walkers. Thus the girl is acting as a dog walker for a Walker, a humorous play on words derived from the artist’s long-standing admiration for and love of the films. More than a mere visual pun, Eelus’ Shat-At is expertly designed, the girl’s emotive and fluid form contrasting brilliantly with the rigid structure of her mechanical canine. Not only being one of the artist’s earliest stencil patterns, the Shat-At would evolve into Eelus’ first forays into screen-printed editions with the now-defunct Pictures On Walls in 2006, purportedly becoming their fastest selling release at the time despite them having worked with Banksy previously. And in anticipation of commemorating the 10 year anniversary of the print’s release, Eelus teased a sculptural rendition of his creation in 2015, though various delays to ensure quality would suspend the piece’s release through artrepublic for three years.

Eelus’ Shat-At Resin Sculpture

Molded from a girl that was modeled from scratch and an AT-AT likeness that was created through 3D printing, each of Eelus’ Shat-At sculptural renditions are cast in resin and mounted on handmade plinths that are signed and numbered on the reverse. Initially offered to established artrepublic collectors in a Hand Finished Edition of seven unique pieces on June 26th, 2018, three very limited versions would be issued to the general public two days later. Each packaged inside bespoke wooden crates that feature stenciling upon both side panels done personally by the artist and a lid that has been laser etched with his logo, these editions include pink Bubblegum and purple Grape renditions, each limited to an edition of 15 pieces, as well as a chrome-coated version that’s limited to 20 pieces. Perfectly suited to be a centerpiece in any serious contemporary art collection, these are a true testament to Eelus’ journey, from his earliest street art outings to this newest revisiting of the design that helped him garner worldwide attention.

Click Here to Purchase Eelus’ Shat-At sculptural pieces.

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