Huck Gee’s Skullhead Blank (Porcelain Edition)

Slightly more than a month after the opening of July 2017’s 2nd Annual Blank Show, which focused on his Skullhead Blank (2015) creation, artist Huck Gee announced that he was departing from the designer toy movement as a full-time artistic focus. Deterring thoughts that this would be a complete abandonment, Gee confirmed that his Gold Life series produced by Mighty Jaxx would continue and that he had a project nearing completion with BAIT. Additionally, he’d entered talks with Clutter Studios for them to assume production control of his Blank creations, including the Skullhead Blank. Regardless of the outcome of those discussions, Gee had omitted noting at the time that another version was planned: a rendition of the Skullhead Blank in Limoges porcelain courtesy of K.Olin Tribu.

Who are K.Olin Tribu?

Before discussing Gee’s Skullhead Blank design further or the forthcoming porcelain edition of it, it’s important to understand who exactly K.Olin Tribu are. Founded in 2009 by Matthieu Dutheil, the guiding principle behind K.Olin Tribu was to provide access to porcelain as an alternate medium for designer toy sculptures. Located in Limoges, Frace, where all the pieces are cast and decorated, K.Olin Tribu takes pride in their flawless production standards, ensuring the highest quality is associated with the official label Porcelaine de Limoges that they are entitled to use. Having previously issued works designed by established artists like Frank Kozik and Ron English, it feels appropriate for Gee, with his remarkable 15 year designer toy focused career, to join their ranks.

Huck Gee’s Skullhead Blank in Porcelain

Gee’s Skullhead design was introduced in 2004 as part of the first Dunny series release, with a uniquely sculpted rendition of the form being produced by Kidrobot the following year. Depicting a stylized skull and crossbones, the popularity of this concept would result in a variety of sculptural interpretations over the years, ultimately leading to the artist’s self-produced Skullhead Blank rendition. But the history behind this has been detailed in previous articles, which one can read more on here and here.

Cast as a single, non-articulating shape, the 6⅓-inch (16 cm) tall Skullhead Blank (Porcelain Edition) stands slightly shorter than its resin counterpart. And while some of the subtle indentations, like the definition lines for the teeth, aren’t quite as prominant as on previous renditions, the high gloss appearance of the extra white porcelain adds a mesmerizing, reflective quality to the form. Limited to an edition of 50 numbered pieces produced in Limoges porcelain, each is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity signed by Gee.

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