Josh Divine’s Howlin’ Hank Dunny for Wild Ones

As we set up camp for the night in this land of Wild Ones, a full moon provides us some visibility. One of our party, venturing out for firewood, uncovers a cache of emptied “hair restorer” bottles just as the cascading chirping of crickets is interrupted by a howl in the distance. We tremble, realizing this must be the creature the tribal elder had warned us about, the tortured soul who spends his days as a man with a receding hairline and his nights as a blood-thirsty wolfman. This must be Howlin’ Hank, the contribution in Kidrobot‘s first Dunny series of 2018 from Josh Divine.

So who is Josh Divine?

Shortly after graduating from The Art Institute of Colorado in 1996, Joshua “Josh” Divine put his skills as a graphic designer, illustrator, and web developer to good use, offering his services in a freelance capacity. But this didn’t prevent him from simultaneously exploring his own artistic voice. Though his three-issue indie comic book series Trashola (2002-2004) has fallen into relative obscurity, Divine’s daily newspaper comic strip for the Colorado Daily, Ducktown, became notable enough that Broken Sword Publications collected them in book form in 2013. And his hand-painted designer toys began receiving notice in 2008, when his art was shown in exhibitions at The Laughing Goat and Plastic Chapel. Currently fulfilling his cartoonish leanings through occasional one-panel laughs in Playboy magazine, Divine was hired as the Head of Concept Design for Kidrobot in 2015, tasked with conceiving and designing entire projects for the company. Having designed various factory-made pieces for them, including the Kibble ‘n LabBits series and the Rick and Morty collectible vinyl figure, none of which have bore his name. But for the Wild Ones series, Divine’s Howlin’ Hank design is proudly credited to him, his signature decorating the underside of its right foot.

Josh Divine’s Wild Ones Dunny: Howlin’ Hank

With the night sky depicted upon his Dunny form’s elongated ears, Howlin’ Hank is constantly under the sway of the lunar cycle, the obscurred new moon on one side and the completely illuminated full moon on the other. With the latter associated to werewolf lore, Divine’s creation’s bestial side has been summoned forth, the duality of his shapeshifter nature emphasized through his mismatched eyes. Glaring forth with two symbols of death, the human skull in one eye and a cartoonish “X” in the other, Howlin’ Hank‘s varsity jacket is adorned on the backside with a fictitious Hair Club insignia, which draws attention to the breaks in the hair atop his head. And, at the end of the day, what could be more humorous than a normally fur-covered werewolf in need of hair restoration?

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For more information on Josh Divine:
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