Kidrobot’s Wild Ones Dunny Series Overview

A youthful, raucous spirit emanated from Johnny O’Keefe‘s song “Wild One“, its 1958 release shattering the drabness across Australian culture by birthing a rock and roll mania there in its wake. Similarly, Marlon Brando‘s character in the 1953 cult classic The Wild One, Black Rebels Motorcycle Club leader Johnny Strabler, became a cultural icon of rebellion, steering national attention towards the outlaw biker gangs. And while these examples spoke to our baser impulses, Kidrobot have opted to take things even further, their Wild Ones Dunny series depicting our animal instincts artistically.
And these Wild Ones Dunny series portrayals are as varied as the artists who created them. Stumbling out of legend, both Squink and Spanky Stokes depict cryptozoological creatures, actual and imagined, while Igor Ventura delves into a famed literary fable for inspiration. Stemming from Eastern and Western folklore, Sharon Park and Josh Divine reinterpret monstrosities, just as Johnny Draco serves up something inspired by the Japanese silver screen. And Kronk‘s creations are purely imagined beasts, formed from pop cultural references, whereas Linda Panda‘s works reform nature through her cartoonish humor. All rendered on Kidrobot’s 2¾-inch tall rabbit-eared Dunny form, these factory-produced vinyl explorations of fantastical animals are “blind boxed”, meaning their assortment is randomly packaged and one doesn’t know which of these specific design they might be receiving. And as you prepare to chase your favorite pieces, like a wolf pursuing a rabbit, each artist and their design or designs will be focused upon herein through a series of daily articles about this first Dunny series of 2018.

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Seulgie's Satyr Rory basic series from POP MART
Hidden inside of the dreamlike woodlands of mythology, the chipper notes of a pan flute float across the hazy air. And to the mind of an ancient Roman, this signified the presence of a faun, a bipedal creature with the lower torso of a goat and the upper body of…
Squink's Wild Ones Dunnys from Kidrobot
Embarking on our safari of Kidrobot's Wild Ones, the company's first Dunny series of 2018, we stop by an abandoned television. Clicking it on, the screen illuminates with surprising life, vintage-looking cartoon creatures dominating every channel. But rather than being images from the past, these are premonitions of the near…
Seulgie's Satyr Rory Blind Box, Series 1
Squink's Trio of Wild Ones Dunnys
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