The ’80s brought forth a flurry of seminal French street artists, like Philippe “Bando” Lehman and Xavier “Blek le Rat” Prou, whose painted wall adornments inspired the next decade’s generation of graffitists. One such individual was Parisian student Guillaume Lemarquier, who discovered graffiti along his Réseau Express Régional rail system route in 1988 and immediately became captivated by this art form. In fact, the following year, Lemarquier would be interrupted by local police while executing an unauthorized piece of his own. Undeterred by this encounter, his abstract blend of fluid lines and angular spikes would bring him acclaim under the alias of Mist, especially after the introduction of his devil-like Debilz characters during a New York City trip in 1995. Destined for more than a two-dimensional existence, these signature creations evolved sculpturally for more than a decade, as the artist became an early practitioner in the art toy movement. Now, after several years of absence from art toys, Mist has summoned forth his newest Debilz sculptural iteration: Devilo Erectus.

Mist’s Devilo Erectus

Sculpted more expressively than Lucius, the previous collaboration between Mist and producer Artoyz Originals, Devilo Erectus debuted in prototype form at 2016’s Comic-Con Paris. A complex composition that required several years to refine, this roughly 8-inches tall design’s spiky boundaries and prominent teeth perfectly encapsulate Mist’s style, his traditionally present dripping paints replaced by pristine swaths of colorful adornment. Finally issued in 2019, Devilo Erectus erupted forth in five editions, including the newly added Black coloration, with each of these vinyl renditions having been limited to a mere 200 pieces worldwide. Theoretically conceived as a devilish tribute to the ‘upright man,’ Devilo Erectus resides upon its tail, beautifully balanced in a hovering stance, a lackadaisical posture emanating its carefree attitude.

Click Here to Acquire Mist’s Devilo Erectus – Black edition from Artoyz Originals.

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