With the Lunar New Year rapidly approaching, the Chinese people are preparing festivities to ring in the Year of the Rat. Or, as their culture doesn’t have distinct words to differentiate the two, the Year of the Mouse. According to Eastern astrology, those born during this Zodiac-based year will be clever and confident, cheerful and chipper, and — while destined to be successful — also content with having a quiet life. As if to embody these ideals, Vietnamese-born artist Okedoki has created a celebratory mascot for the year, one that fuses a pleasantly portly rendition of her Benny the Dreamer body (learn more here) with an adorable mouse head topper. With its eyes shut, thus conveying a sense of visualizing the future rather than staring it down, this sculptural work radiates a sense of happiness and fulfillment, making its name truly appropriate: as it is the Dreamer Mouse.
Designed with the pleasing, circle- and oval-centric geometry of cartoon characters, Okedoki’s roughly 5-inch tall Dreamer Mouse is reminiscent of countless animated rodents without being derivative. Head tilted slightly skyward, seemingly ready to take joyful flight, this edition of 28 handmade Dreamer Mouse resin copies exhibit a delicate balance of hand-painted techniques, from the crisp swaths of color that adorn most of each form to the subtle rosiness that illuminates every piece’s face. And though they are being offered ahead of the Lunar New Year, these Dreamer Mouse works won’t be delivered until March of 2020. After all, it’s only just that they should be truly born during the Year of the Mouse.

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