Her yellow button nose is flanked by trios of whiskers, cartoonishly dot eyes completing her mouthless visage, all contained within a page white, oval-shaped face. Topped with a playfully perched red bow that overlaps one of her feline-like ears, this is the iconic appearance of Hello Kitty. Since being created for the Sanrio company in 1974, she’s become a staple of kawaii — the Japanese culture of cuteness — and a global marketing phenomenon, her adorable likeness emblazoned upon countless products. Expanding upon this already idyllic empire of consumer goods, Kidrobot launched a line of licensed Sanrio collectibles at 2018’s San Diego Comic-Con, a partnership that would lead to Hello Kitty donning a streetwear flair courtesy of Filipino artist Quiccs Maiquez‘s rendition: HelloKitty TEQ. First issued in January of 2019, Quiccs’ envisionment has gone onto have various limited edition colorations, the most recent being the ’80s Retro and Midnight Run editions.

The Midnight Run Edition of Quiccs’ HelloKitty TEQ

Featuring touches of neon green recessed into her black shell and highlighting her perfectly formed bow, the pops of silver upon this Midnight Run edition emphasize a mechanical feel. With its name granted the TEQ suffix, an acronym for The Endgame Quest, it’s easy to imagine that this mechanized rendition of Hello Kitty has been rebuilt for thriving in a world of post-modernity. Hailing from Quiccs’ fictional Bulletpunk universe, the HelloKitty TEQ inhabits a dystopian future wherein the remaining humans construct belief systems around unearthed cultural remnants.

A cohesive comingling of Hello Kitty’s cuteness with iconic imagery of street-based subcultures, from the weightiness of her neck chain to the stylishness of her crisp hoodie and fresh sneakers, even her ever-present pacifier is a “nod” to the character of Dooky from Boyz n the Hood. Produced as a Kidrobot.com exclusive in the primarily black-and-pink Midnight Run coloration, this rendition is limited to an edition of 500 pieces, each a visual testament to the affectations of popular culture, the symbolism of a world that Quiccs himself has been emersed in.

Click Here to Acquire Quiccs’ HelloKitty TEQ (Midnight Run Edition) from Kidrobot.

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