What made Amanda Visell’s Ferals series truly standout was that is really the first production blind box series to mix Kidrobot‘s Dunnys and Munnyworld vinyl forms. With Visell’s painterly designs expressed on the Dunny, Micro Munny, Micro Trikky, and Micro Raffy platforms, this diversity of base shapes in a blind boxed set is a brilliant idea.

What is a Blind Box?

Amanda Visell's Ferals Series Review Still
For those unfamiliar with the blind box concept, the quick lowdown is this: you buy a sealed box containing one of an assortment of figures but you have no way of knowing which figure will be inside. To make things a bit trickier, some designs are rarer than others. Each design has a ratio, like 6-in-60, denoting that if you bought 60 blind boxes then you would — by percentages — receive 6 of that design. And, of course, some have mysterious, unlisted ratios, which people typically assume makes them the rarest of all.

My Overall Impressions of the Ferals Series

Amanda Visell's Ferals Series Review StillI’m immediately floored by how Kidrobot thought out a simple but smart manner to emulate Visell’s style in these works. I’m obviously not talking about her more geometric, angular body shapes, but rather her hand-painted aesthetic. By only adding one more paint mask to each piece, they’ve created the impression that the base is covered in brush strokes.

I don’t know how commonly known this is, but when Visell was first trying to get into designer toys, Kidrobot approached her about doing a piece but they ended up canceling the project, as they felt they couldn’t properly visualize her style in three-dimensions. I’d say they figured out a perfect way to do it here, the brush stroke layer definitely being a solid touch on these that really lets Visell’s voice come out a bit more.

My Impressions of Specific Works in the Ferals Series

Overall, the designs all look spot-on. There are several full reinterpretations of former Visell creations, like the Giraffagon cross between a giraffe and a dragon, which Visell initially tackled in 2010’s Tic Toc Apocalypse series, and the Dragon Scout Master, a bit of an update to Visell’s Dragon Scout figure (2009), which depicted a dragon that ate a girl scout and thus became one, though this new version — instead — has a campfire in its belly. And a campfire was an accessory for the original piece, thus bringing it full circle.

A couple of these other Ferals figures incorporate classic Visell elements into these otherwise new designs, like Jack Rabbit Frost which has Visell’s Gnome from the Tic Toc Apocalypse series in its belly, and the seasonally appropriate Krampus, which has a little baby in its stomach, one similar to those seen in her Baby Eating Crocodile character from Vivisect Playset (2008).

Throughout all the characters, though, Visell wisely kept each platform representative of the same animal types. All the Micro Trikkys are cats except the Fox in the Hen House, all the Micro Raffys are dragons and goats, all the Dunnys — aside from the Krampus — are donkeys and rabbits, and all the Micro Munnys are monkeys.

While it’s always difficult to choose a favorite, I do really like the stylish look of Jack Roarke. It puts a jack, or male donkey, in a white suit like the one Mr. Roarke from Fantasy Island always wore. Maybe I’m imagining that connection, but it tickles the pop culture lover in me to make it.

The only piece in this collection that I’m a little off-put by is Evil Buck Wethers, which is literally just a light colored version of Buck Wethers. I like the challenging of preconceived concepts by making the evil one lighter colored and the good one that’s dark colored, but I would’ve rather seen one of them be a unique design.

Specific Works in the Ferals Series [show]

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