The blank stare on Kwaii (2016) by coarse seems extremely appropriate on this vinyl work. Typically associated with connoting dim-wittedness, you might be wondering why a buffalo should be depicted as unintelligent.
Coarse's Kwaii Review
In Thai culture, the buffalo is considered a stupid animal and their word for the beast is kwai (with one “i”). Given a nod by this piece’s title, Kwaii (with two “i”s), it was designed by Mark Landwehr and Sven Waschk, and produced under their coarse guise alongside JP Toys’s JPX brand.

My Impressions of Kwaii

This buffalo character has an assortment of birds atop its horns. These are oxpeckers or similar parasitic avians, known for grazing on insects, like ticks, from the bodies of large mammals.

But, from an artistic standpoint, they serve the magnificent purpose of giving asymmetry to an otherwise symmetrical form. In fact, this piece’s cuteness conceals an incredibly complex work of sculptural maturity. The lines of the form flow perfectly from one point to the next, with the curvature of the animal’s side being particularly alluring. What makes this even more impressive is that when the arms are shifted into various positions, the overall profile remains just as refined and polished.

Even the back’s arcing shoulders, protruding buttocks, and subtle tail maintain this aesthetic, the true highlight being the recessed groove between the back’s musculature. The head itself can’t be turned completely around, wisely using stoppers on the connecting point to allowing for a more realistic range.

The minimal application of paints strictly define the elements that benefit from the addition, allowing the face, the ears, the horns, and the birds to be quickly recognized. As an added benefit of this choice, the glow-in-the-dark body on this Spark Edition is really allowed to… ahem… shine.

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