CabbitQ & Dominic Qwek’s Creepy Hill: Bobby

I’m ecstatic to introduce you to the first pre-painted production resin figure from the world of Creepy Hill: Bobby (2015).
Creepy Hill: Bobby Review - Figure
The Bobby figure was first brought to my attention, if I recall, by Chris Ryniak and Amanda Louise Spayd, who’d discovered the figures at the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con. The perfectly executed creepy meets cute aesthetic of these captivated me, immediately resulting in an article I wrote for proclaiming Bobby to be “the biggest SDCC release you haven’t heard of.”
Creepy Hill: Bobby Review - SpankyStokes Article

My Impressions of Creepy Hill: Bobby

Based on the illustrations of full-time artist CabbitQ, her husband — Dominic Qwek — 3D sculpted the design in the program ZBrush. A true collaboration in making the sculpture a reality, it’s the subtle details packed into this 4.5″ tall form that really make it impressive: slightly asymmetrical cracking in the skull head, the gentle tampering of the horns, and the realistic folds covering his pudgy body.
Creepy Hill: Bobby Review - Figure's Head
But an amazing sculpt alone isn’t enough, nor is the precision with which these are cast in resin. Each figure is hand-painted by a skilled artist and it absolutely shows. The washes of color on the skull highlight the sculpting without overpowering it and the lightly flecked body color has a truly real feel about it.
Creepy Hill: Bobby Review - Figure's Back
And, of course, the matte colored head contrasts with the juicy gloss of the body in just the right way, with neither one standing out as being different than the other.
Creepy Hill: Bobby Review - Figure's Back
Bobby is only the first part of a more comprehensive Creepy Hill world. Bobby’s backstory sheds some light on Creepy Hill, noting that it is a hill with one lone tree that Bobby stumbled upon, deciding to call it home. Himself an outcast who never made many friends, Bobby decided that Creepy Hill would be a place for those like him, where everyone is welcomed… including the second Creepy Hill character, Clyde, which was offered as part of the same Kickstarter campaign that made Bobby available to the general public.
Creepy Hill: Bobby Review - Clyde
The only downside of this wonderful work would be its small stature, as I’d prefer a larger scale version to marvel at all the little details on, but we’re told this is a life-size, 1:1 scale representation of Bobby and the Creepy Hill creatures.

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