Dabs Myla’s Trouble Trouble

If you’re not familiar with works of Dabs Myla (Darren Mate & Emmelene Victoria), then all you need to know is that their pieces are embodied by tight linework, bright colors, and a retro cartoon aesthetic, which is perfectly imbued in their very first designer toy: Trouble Trouble (2015).

My Impressions of Trouble Trouble

Munky King produced a wonderful vinyl sculpture with this, which made its debut this year at San Diego Comic-Con. And as you can see from the box art, Dabs Myla’s wonderfully whimsical sense was all over this piece and carried right on over to the piece itself: a stick of dynamite and it’s very best friend, a lit match. These pieces, respectively, are Mr. Freddy Powerful and his best friend, Little Sparky.

Fans of Dabs Myla might recognize the match element, a common reoccurring theme in their art. Either lit or unlit, they’ve done the match several times, but to the best of my knowledge I have only seen them do the cartoonish dynamite stick once. It was part of a mural they created for Miami Wynwood, that was back in 2011. As you can see, it looks a lot like the finished figure.
Dabs Myla's Trouble Trouble - Mural
As you can see both figures can perfectly stand on their own, but — as was a good attention to detail in designing it — the two really work well together as well. Well-balanced, Mr. Freddie Powerful can hold Little Sparky perfectly without falling over, regardless of the arm position.
Mr. Freddie Powerful is a wonderful rendition of Dabs Myla’s artwork. They really captured the feel, the profile of a retro cartoon character, but they didn’t just stop with the simplicity of it. They got the great attention to detail, the fold lines of the smile, the fold lines in the back where it bends, even these wonderful hatch marks in the softer vinyl that makes up the wick.
And while this figure is impressive, I actually find the details given to Little Sparky even more so. And what makes it so insanely good to me is the difference of materials; everything on these figures aside from the wick is a hard vinyl… well, aside from the wick and the flame. This is a really soft vinyl that has a wonderful fade transition between red, orange, and yellow, all transparent, so it really gets that feel that this is an actual flame, or a cartoon version of a flame. It makes it different than the rest the figure, makes it stand out. Really, really wisely done.

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