Falcontoy’s Pop-Art: Frosted Han Solo

While today’s piece might not be a new one, it is a special one: the resin Pop-Art: Frosted Han Solo (2014) inaction figure created by Mike Woods, also known as Falcontoys.

My Impressions of Pop-Art: Frosted Han Solo

Mimicking the look of the vintage Han Solo in Carbonite piece from Kenner’s Star Wars release line, this piece parodies that figure — as well as the pop art movement — by mingling it with the look of the well-known Pop-Tart pastry. The actual inspiration for this came from Woods buying different sprinkles for his Breaking Baddies — Gumball (2013) resin figure, which is when he found out that the colorful toppings that Kellogg’s uses are not readily available, meaning he’d have to specially hand grind his own to mimic the look as authentically as possible.
Falcontoys - Pop-Art: Frosted Han Solo - Packaging Front
Once he conceived the idea of this Pop-Art piece, Woods made the backing card art but ended up shelving the concept for a year before revisiting it. And thank God he did. Initially intended to be a small release between bigger projects, demand went through the roof as everyone from The Nerdist to Boing Boing to CNET reported on it. So what began as an intended edition of fifteen, which sold out immediately, became a work of art that Woods would continue making throughout 2015.
Falcontoys - Pop-Art: Frosted Han Solo - Press
Now Woods estimates that there are roughly 70 of these pieces that he has actually made, with the ones after the initial release having a little color variance from the originals but a bit more consistency. I can’t speak too much more about these later ones, as my copy is from that initial batch produced.
Falcontoys - Pop-Art: Frosted Han Solo - Figure Front
First and foremost, I love that this comes in a resealable plastic clamshell. This means you can remove the actual piece from the packaging to examine it more closely without having to damage the container. The piece is wonderfully executed, as it really looks — even under close scrutiny — like a real Pop-Tart. Woods achieved this by taking a Han Solo in Carbonite figure, trimming it down, placing the edges of an actual Pop-Tart around it, and polishing up the result with a bit of sculpting.

From that original piece, Woods created a silicone mold which he poured two different resins into, one for the frosting and one for the breading. Once the resin cured and could be removed from the mold, he added his hand ground sprinkles. If it sounds like a lot of work, that’s because it is.
Falcontoys - Pop-Art: Frosted Han Solo - Packaging Front
I really love the finished look of this work and the packaging really completes the aesthetic, especially the back of the card which includes nutritional facts that are based on real Pop-Tarts. There is one minor downside of this handmade piece, which is that the reverse of the resin work is devoid of texturing, meaning that the mold was a one piece and had no sculpted backside to imbue. But, of course, when displayed in its container, the reverse is of little concern.
Falcontoys - Pop-Art: Frosted Han Solo - Figure Back
Woods is, unfortunately, not planning on making any more Pop-Art: Frosted Han Solo pieces in the foreseeable future. He told me that he might do more in a couple of years, but that for now he has several new projects he wants to focus on, including two new action figure derived pop art pieces that he’ll be debuting this year.

Editions of Pop-Art: Frosted Han Solo [show]

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