Fools Paradise’s Hunzter

On the surface, it’s easy to dismiss Hunzter (2015) as simply being a muscular and masculine rendition of Fools Paradise’s Sexy Keiko (2011), but it’s actually an interpretation of the famous Thai singer, actor, and dancer Isariy Patharamanop, who goes by the nickname “Hunz.”

Isariy Patharamanop (aka The Hunz) with Teddy Bear

From what I understand, this project started when “Hunz” commented that he loved the Sexy Keiko design and bears in general, so the Hunzter was born, showing the entertainer’s fit form with a bear head and paws.

My Impressions of Hunzter

Co-produced by Fools Paradise with JP Toys’s JPX brand and made in arrangement with the IPH Team, these handcrafted and hand-painted resin pieces fit together snuggly, but not so tight as to potentially damage anything while assembling them. And they are held in place by inserted magnets.

A true sculptural work with minimal display options other than this static upright pose, the whole remains a truly artistic, perfectly executed piece. Now, in transforming the feminine Keiko into a male form, Fools Paradise did end up creating something extremely similar to Coarse’s well-established aesthetic. The end result is still immediately recognizable as the work of Fools Paradise and not easily confused with Coarse, though I’m sure the similarity will bother some.

Fool Paradise's Hunzter Review

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