You may recall us previously discussing Fools Paradise‘s Lowfool vs Lowfool: Inner Conflict (2016) piece (see review here), an interpretation of creator Alan Ng’s Lowfool character attired similarly to the DC Comics‘ hero Superman and playing a Street Fighter 2 inspired arcade game. Well, today we’ll be looking at that piece’s counterpart, the stunning Lowfool vs Lowfool: Inner Enemies (2017), featuring the same character but in garb representative of Batman.
And the two facing off against one another is truly appropriate, as the iconic super heroes they are modeled after have a long history of clashing. But no single quote-unquote fight between them is as iconic, to comic book readers at least, as that shown in Frank Miller‘s The Dark Knight Returns mini series, where they truly duke it out.
Now, when these two fight, it usually stems back to the fact that Superman and Batman are perfect contrasts of one another. Superman is an alien from the planet Krypton who wields God-like power on Earth, but this is tempered by his complex morality and his desire to better the entire planet. Batman, on the other hand, is a mortal man seeking to protect the good citizens of his city, a rather black-and-white set of principles guiding him to punish wrongdoers. And while not necessarily at odds with one another, the inner motivations of these two certainly lead to conflict between them. And, occasionally, even turn them into enemies.

My Impressions of Lowfool vs Lowfool: Inner Enemies

Returning to Fools Paradise’s Lowfool vs Lowfool: Inner Enemies sculpture set, it has all the same base components as the previous one, but several improvements were subtly made. The Fools Fighter 2 arcade game, modeled after the classic Street Fighter 2 machines, was cast in soft vinyl for the original version. While it looked great, the give of the material allowed the decals to potentially bubble and strain. For this new version, the component is made from hard plastic which has no flexibility to it. A perfect fix for a minor problem.
Shifting our attention to the Bat Lowfool figure, it’s a very similar stance and decoration to that we discussed regarding the I won’t be a Hero, Tim set (see review here). In fact, the only major difference is the arms, which use the same mid-game play design as the Super Lowfool piece. But even with these, Ng made advancements in the design.
With Lowfool vs Lowfool: Inner Conflict, Ng’s massive and muscular character was a stationary sculpture. While this resulted in some difficulty getting the hands to position themselves on the Fools Fighter 2 machine properly, it certainly wasn’t impossible. But, for this Inner Enemies rendition, the arms articulate, making their placement a piece of cake.
Expertly executed, it’s thrilling to see how Ng evolves his forms, learning from his missteps and improving on the product. In fact, the only aspect he hasn’t been able to progress is the sculpted cape component, which does have a very noticeable seam on the underside. Though one that, thankfully, isn’t apparent while the piece is displayed. And, based on the teasers for the next renditions of this concept, one that won’t matter as they lack capes.

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