The second piece in Fools Paradise’s Coin Rides Game series, Boba K.Slave (2016), immediately has me biased. “Why?” you might ask. It depicts Alan Ng’s Keiko, the scantily-clad vixen, adorned in the distinctive Mandalorian armor of Boba Fett. And I’m a Boba Fett fan, like many of you.

The Boba Fett Bias

When Boba Fett debuted alongside Darth Vader at the San Anselmo Country Fair in September of 1978, people were asking for his signature. “Big deal,” you might say, but that was two months before his first screen appearance — in an animated segment — during The Star Wars Holiday Special. People didn’t even know who this character was, but they were drawn to him.

So much so that a Halloween costume for the character was released as quickly as possible, at least two years before the bounty hunter got his proper Star Wars trilogy introduction with The Empire Strikes Back. It’s no wonder that Ng’s Keiko character would choose to don Boba Fett’s attire, having first done so with the 2014 released Boba Keiko resin sculpture, which was quickly followed by a JP Toys exclusive Prototype Armor Version and another inspired by the coloration of Boba’s quote-unquote father, Jango Fett.

My Impressions of Boba K.Slave at Coin Rides Game #2

Like the previous Coin Rides Game piece (see here), this beautiful work stands over 12″ tall and is another tongue-in-cheek pop art jest on Star Wars. This work depicts Boba Keiko sitting upon a coin-operated ride version of the bounty hunter’s immediately recognizable, modified Firespray-interceptor-class spaceship, Slave 1. The character’s head rotates at the helmet line and at the boots, and her ship’s fins are also able to be rotated.

Loaded with the same little touches we loved on the previous release in this series, like the “Punch A Ride” coin deposit box, I do wish some of the elements — like the glove armaments and rocket loaded in her backpack — were made of a harder material so they didn’t bend and deform so easily, but that’s really nitpicking on my part.

And, of course, the real standout element of these Coin Rides Games series releases are the two ball-joint stands that allow for side-to-side movement.

Ultimately, it is a magnificent piece that will surely be a centerpiece in any collection.

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