Hugh Rose’s Holy Diver

Hugh Rose‘s newest creation, Holy Diver (2015), is a perfect embodiment of his aesthetic. Rose is known for seemingly symmetrical designs that actually employ subtle asymmetry in the form of uneven wood grain patterns, stray cloud formations, and realistic topographical elements. It’s a detail driven craft that this former graffiti artist really excels at.

My Impressions of Holy Diver

Personally, I find the concepts of deep sea diver and astronaut suits quite appealing, probably as it invokes images of exploring the unknown in my imagination. Through not only the overall profile but also the topographical map etched across its base, the Holy Diver perfectly captures that aesthetic.
A completely original sculpt by Rose, these have been cold cast in resin with a metallic brass finish. Standing about 5-inches tall, the Holy Diver does have five points of articulation, but not necessarily where you’d imagine them to be; yes, the head turns at the neck and the arms at the shoulder, but the legs are immobile… the hands rotating at the wrists being the final articulation points.
As has become a new standard for resin figures with articulation, these pieces aren’t attached by studs but rather by powerful magnets. I know some people prefer the more traditional stud mount system, but I find magnets to create a smoother flow and have less chance of accidentally breaking. So, for me, this is a major plus.
Hugh Rose's Holy Diver - Magnets
But, by far, the standout element to me is the unique pattern within the helmet’s circular visor. Created by dripping red die into clear resin, each and every figure ends up being one-of-a-kind in the appearance of this aspect.
Hugh Rose's Holy Diver - Visor
And, I like to think, this one element defines this version of the Holy Diver as an astronaut, the red being a reflected vision of the sun’s flares.

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