I continue, release after release, to be impressed by InstincToy‘s works. Helmed by artist Hiroto Ohkubo, he had actually owned a toy shop for several years before forming InstincToy in December of 2005. And, for the second anniversary of InstincToy in 2007, he had hoped to debut the brand’s first original production figure, which was titled inc.

The History of inc

Held up in delays at the factory in China, the inc design wasn’t released until March of 2008, though prototypes were displayed two months earlier at Super Festival 45. The design started with a cute bear character which was evolved into a strange beast, spikes of liquefied flesh exuding from its body. And while this mixture of well-balanced chaos is something InstincToy has become known for, the inc design also incorporated the brand’s iconic parasite character, Erosion, into it. To finish off the design, muddy looking footprints were included, allowing this work to have even more dynamic display options.

The History of Halloween inc

Then, in 2012, Hiroto-san was struck by inspiration. A copy of the inc figure’s body without head or arms was sitting in his office, allowing him to imagine a brand new head to adorn it. Having already wanted to create a special character to be produced once a year, he envisioned a pumpkin head that would transform his bear’s body into a new figure. Debuting that very same year, Halloween inc has become an annual InstincToy tradition. And, if a new head wasn’t special enough, this piece was devised to allow an LED to be inserted within it.

My Impressions of Halloween inc – The Custom

But the 2016 Halloween inc release is unlike any of the previous ones. Challenging himself to make something even more unique feeling, Hiroto-san strived to create a version that had the feel of a kit-bashed, custom made piece. And, through trial and error, he discovered that the arms of his Muckey (2013) figure fit perfectly on the inc body, with the special feel finished off by placing a doll eye into one of the pumpkin’s eye sockets.
Like some fantastic Frankenstein’s Monster figure, the resulting work is titled The Custom edition. Foregoing the inclusion of an LED, the head of this figure is cast in glow-in-the-dark vinyl, allowing a ghostly green illumination to spill forth from the unpainted areas. An overall spectacularly spectral feel, I especially love how the Liquid design atop the pumpkin’s stem looks when glowing.
Balancing against the bronze and silver metallic paints applied to the head, the arms are a brown with dirty fingernails and gray with bloody claws, both given the feel of depth through paint washes. And then there’s the midnight black colored body proper, which is covered in a soft fiber called flock. More than a beautiful textural touch on the figure, the flock also draws attention to the three red scars across its chest — which gives off a soft red glow in the dark.
This release actually uses the same glow-in-the-dark red body as 22nd inc edition, The Devil (2016). That release was planned to be limited to 100 pieces, but the bodies were split between The Devil and The Custom, making them each limited to only 50 pieces. All of which, unfortunately, are already sold out. But InstincToy continues to impress, being one of the most innovative and creative brand’s active in the designer toy movement. So, hopefully, something every bit as impressive is just around the corner from them.

Editions of Halloween inc [show]

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