One of my favorite recent pieces in the designer toy art movement is Muckey (2013), a love that extends to the brand new Mini Muckey (2016). Created by Japanese artist Hiroto Ohkubo of InstincToy, I have been lucky enough to get a couple of the currently eleven versions of Muckey available.
InstincToy's Mini Muckey - Full Size Muckey Editions

My Quick Impressions of Muckey

In its overall well-conceived and pristinely executed form, Muckey’s true stand out feature is that his rather adorable visage conceals frighteningly large rows of carnivorous teeth. And through a simple lifting or tilting of the head, its shocking jaws are revealed.
InstincToy's Mini Muckey - Size Comparison

My Impressions of Mini Muckey

Taking the normally 7.5″ tall figure and resizing it to the smaller 5.25″ tall frame, the Mini Muckey is — if you can believe it — even cuter than the original. And since it was sculpted in a 3D program, this shrunken rendition still captures all the minutiae perfectly, from the array of bristled hairs to the exposable maw.

The Mini Muckey debuted as part of InstincToy’s 2016 Lucky Bag, a special assortment of their toys sold as a set. While I wasn’t able to acquire one of those, including the Beckoning Bear Mini Muckey, I did purchase one of the second version released: the Choco Cake Mini Muckey.
InstincToy's Mini Muckey - 2016 Lucky Bag
Using the coloration of chocolate cake as a basis, the ears and tail are the deep brown of the desert treat while the inner ears, snout, and belly are all flocked — covered in a small, soft, textured fiber — that resembles cocoa powder itself. Taking the theme even further, the vinyl is imbued with a scent so it gives off a sweet chocolate aroma!
One thing that is different about the palm-sized Mini Muckey is that it standardly comes with two sets of teeth, which — as this notice from the manufacturer informs us — can be easily interchanged with the help of a common hair dryer.
I really like this tooth design, the parted jaws revealing a waterfall of textured blood within. The only downside, as you might’ve noticed when it was in the Mini Muckey, was that it is quite difficult to get the head to reveal all the glorious detail on these.
InstincToy's Mini Muckey - Both Jaws
Both sets of teeth, as well as the claws, glow-in-the-dark on this Choco Cake version. And, like with the regular sized renditions, Mini Muckey has doll eyes inset not only in his head but also on his rear as part of the parasite named Fluffy that resides there.

Editions of Mini Muckey [show]

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