While adulthood, unfortunately, doesn’t allow for those carefree winter days of our childhoods, this new Snowy (2015) release from Japanese company InstincToy serves as a year-long reminder of them. Starting with the box itself, I love how the painted and illustrated panels really set the tone for the piece, including a visual teaser that the company’s well-known Ice Liquid design will be incorporated into work somehow. Subtitled The Erosion of Snow, let’s take a look at the piece itself…

My Impressions of Snowy

From the perfectly shaped carrot nose to the two rounded doll eyes, from the handmade scarf to the spikes covering his head, from his traditional looking buttons to the melting ripples across his body, every little part merges those classic elements of Frosty the Snowman with the stylized aspects that InstincToy typically incorporate. And the end result is a memorable and cohesive whole.

Standing over 10.5-inches tall, this designer toy not only calls your attention by its height but also its use of various materials. The snow on the bucket, on his feet, and on his tail are all flocked, meaning they are covered with a small, soft, textured fiber. And the tail is actually cast in a frosted clear hue, so that the unpainted icicles dripping off of it resemble the real thing. As for poseability, not only does the head turn and the arms move, but the hands also twist at the wrist. And those mitt-like hands are perfect for holding Snowy’s friend…
As I mentioned before, this piece is accompanied by InstincToy’s quote-unquote mascot, Ice Liquid. But not just one Ice Liquid figure, there are two in here! Including both the regular medium size and diminutive small versions, each one can fit in multiple places on Snowy or just be displayed next to him. These Ice Liquid pieces, presented in the Diamond Dust editions, are cast with clear bodies that have a pearlescent coating, but what you can’t see is that they also glow-in-the-dark from the inside, which looks great especially when you place the mini one in my favorite spot: under the upside-down bucket helmet, peeking out.
This debut version of Snowy, the First Snow edition, was initially shown during the Summer 2015 Wonder Festival in Japan. It was finally made available for sale in September at the Singapore Toy, Game, and Comic Convention, followed by the Taiwan Toy Expo and New York Comic Con, which is where I got mine. InstincToy just completed their online lottery sale of the remaining pieces from this edition, but hopefully a new version will be out soon.

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