John Kenn Mortensen’s Three Witches

I hope you’re in the mood for something macabre, as today we’ll be discussing John Kenn Mortensen‘s the Three Witches sculpture set. But before we examine this deliciously nightmarish gaggle, we should talk about Mortensen and his creations. While he has worked as an animator, writer, and director, this Danish artist has really flourished as an illustrator. And his best-known work is a series of highly detailed pieces drawn on Post-Its. Yes, those tiny, yellow sticky notes, which he uses as a canvas to create little windows into his own monstrous world.
John Kenn Mortensen's Post-It Notes Examples
And these works are like the illustrations you’d find accompanying a twisted fairy tale, still scenes that feel as if they are one moment in a larger narrative. Done with an aesthetic reminiscent of Edward Gorey, these imaginative pieces were, in 2012, collected into an art book titled Sticky Monsters. Which only helped Mortensen’s work catch the attention of an ever-growing group of admirers.
And one such admirer must be someone at Unbox Industries, who realized Mortensen’s vision in vinyl form. Based on one of his Post-It illustrations from around the beginning of 2014, the Three Witches does an absolutely impressive job of capturing not just the look but also the feel of Mortensen’s art.

My Impressions of the Three Witches

The deeply sculpted lines across the bodies reimagine Mortensen’s pen texturing wonderfully, creating creepy forms that are accentuated by keeping where the hair lines end and robes begin ill-defined. And with the majority of the pieces being so similar, the detailed aspects leap out all the more. Lanky, elongated fingers, pronounced misshapen teeth, skull-like nasal cavities, and bulging eyeballs. All of which are given an impressive tonality by being hand-painted at the factory.
John Kenn Mortensen's Three Witches (Translucent Detail)
But the most awe-inspiring element of this particular edition is that the vinyl is translucent, the color it reads as morphing depending on the amount of light hitting it.
The Three Witches designer toy sets debuted near the end of 2014 in a Death Waltz Special Edition, made in a marbling of the record label’s red and blue colors. Then, in 2015, this version was released, followed by a psycho-delic edition whose paint scheme was designed by the artist Skinner. Halloween of 2015 saw the bloody-mouthed Midnight Feast version released, with 2016 having an exclusive edition for England’s Transmission Records shop and, finally, the ominous The Return Edition.
John Kenn Mortensen's The Vampyres
While there’s no word at the moment regarding a new version forthcoming, Unbox Industries has partnered with Mortensen again on The Vampyres set, depicting a trio of bloodsuckers alongside a Monster Child.

Editions of the Three Witches [show]

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