Jump Jumper Ant’s Custom Dunny Art

We have something here that has to be seen to be believed, or — more accurately — has to be seen to be fully appreciated: a hand-modified, custom Kidrobot Dunny by Méxican artist Gahel Ocampo, better known as Jump Jumper Ant.

My Impressions of Jump Jumper Ant’s custom Dunny art

Jump Jumper Ant's Custom Dunny - Figure
She remade this piece in a creepy clown visage and the craftsmanship she employs on this work is staggering, everything from the weathered and worn paint application on the specially made mask, all the way to the little leather strap that holds it in place with tiny little metal belt buckles, every little piece is pristine. And the whole thing is attired name real cloth outfit and even has little paddings on the bottom of its boots. Even the simple paint application of stubble on the back of its head is given a more realistic feel by the excluded areas here, meant indicate scarring.

If you’ve been lucky enough to see one of Ocampo’s works in real life, then you know that the true standout element is the eyes that she embeds into her figures. It gives the designer toys something akin to the classic glass eyes of dolls, but Ocampo makes her own eyes out of resin, as she couldn’t find any that she felt captured the ubiquitous gaze she wanted in her works. For those who are not familiar with the term, ubiquitous gaze is commonly known as pursuing eyes or the Mona Lisa effect, it’s when a work of art — such as this figure — gives the impression that its gaze is literally following the viewer. It’s a very creepy but powerful effect.
Another smart choice on Ocampo’s part was the actual overall design of this Dunny. When I first received it, I immediately felt that this was an interpretation of a horror film clown character but I couldn’t figure out which one. The reason being, this isn’t based on a single character. Ocampo designed this figure using elements from a multitude of creepy clowns that had been in cinema. If owning a piece of art that might make you feel watched doesn’t bother you, then I can guarantee that Ocampo’s work is a stunning addition to any collection. The only downside being that it is very difficult to imagine owning only one piece from her.

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