Junko Mizuno’s Violet Soda Lady

The one design in Kidrobot‘s Dunny 2012 series that immediately became my grail was Junko Mizuno‘s Purple Soda Girl, so you can imagine my reaction when the basic design was upscaled to the 8″ form as Violet Soda Lady (2015). And I was especially please to acquire the San Diego Comic-Con exclusive Berry Chocolate Lady (2015) version.

Junko Mizuno’s Related Works

In 2012, Mizuno released two things with Kidrobot, one of which was Kuro Megami. After researching gods and goddesses in statue form at the Asian Art Museum, Mizuno created Kuro Megami as her manga-ized interpretation of them. One that she intended to fit within her contemporary art style, and she did a magnificent job of it.

That same year, she also released the Purple Soda Girl Dunny, which is a modification of the basic Dunny design. Taking away the arms but adding luxurious hair, very similar to Kuro Megami‘s design. This is because Mizuno, as she revealed in interviews, envisioned Purple Soda Girl to be a daughter of her goddess.

My Impressions of Violet Soda Lady

The Purple Soda Girl design was modified to create the enlarged Violet Soda Lady version, notably the heart and skulls emanating from her chest. Very iconic images reoccurring throughout Mizuno’s art, these do differentiate the new version from the original. I don’t know if I needed it, but I certainly have no problems with it.

The figure isn’t capable of articulation, due to these modifications, but as a vinyl sculpture sitting on your shelf, she is gorgeous. Really capturing Mizuno’s artwork perfectly, upscaling it wonderfully, from the flowers to the hair details to all the little embellishments around it.
Of additional note is that this is not going to be the mass released version but rather the SDCC exclusive one: the Berry Chocolate Lady. This variation uses a brown tone for the base of the figure, which is very reminiscent of Mizuno’s very first designer toy release from back in 2002, through the Japanese company Fewture: the Miznotic Fantasy figure.

Editions of the Violet Soda Lady design [show]

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