Kevin Luong’s Kitty Sutra

I‘m allergic to cats. Yes, when they snuggle their fur-coated selves against me, I get an itchy redness in my eyes. But I don’t hold this against our feline friends. In fact, I’m as enthralled as the next person by adorable kitties shown in videos, pictures, and even illustrations.
This brings us to the artwork of Kevin Luong, specifically his 16-page Kitty Sutra zine from 2013. A parody of the Kama Sutra, Luong plays up the common western misconception that the ancient Hindu text is a sex manual, filling his own version with depictions of some rather PG-13 feline erotica.
Our focus today isn’t on Luong’s body of Kitty Sutra illustrations, which has grown to include several prints and even a second zine. Our attention will be drawn, as if illuminated by laser pointer, to the below-pictured singular cat-on-cat position. Or, rather, to the brand new vinyl sculpture version that Munky King has produced.
Kevin Luong - Munky King - Kitty Sutra - Zine

My Impressions of Kitty Sutra

Packaged in a clear bag with a header illustration derived from the zine’s cover, Munky King have brilliantly transferred Luong’s aesthetic into a three-dimensional form. Billed as a DIY — or Do-It-Yourself — edition, meaning it is perfectly suited for you to release your inner artist upon and decorate with paints or pens, I personally find it striking just as is… The canvas of white being reminiscent of Luong’s original xeroxed pages from the zine.
While I was moving this piece around, perhaps you spotted the wonderful touch of this cat’s smushed face. A beautiful aspect that could unfortunately be hidden when displayed. A problem that was wisely solved by Munky King at last year’s DesignerCon. In exhibiting the prototype there, they placed the work on a riser with a tilted mirror underneath. This allowed you to see this element in an elegant manner, one that I just might have to recreate in my home.
Another truly noteworthy aspect of this work, one that has been underplayed, is that the two cat pieces are attached by a plug connector. This makes them easy to pull apart, theoretically allowing for a mix-and-match between this and other color editions.
Speaking of which, at least two painted prototypes were spotted at the San Diego Comic-Con this year: a cream and tan version as well as a gray and cream one. With at least one of these scheduled to be released by the end of 2016, we suspect a tan and gray edition will also be in the offering at some point. And as the zines display a bounty of further positions in them, we have our fingers crossed that more sculptural designs for the Kitty Sutra line are in the works.

Editions of Kitty Sutra [show]

For more information on Kevin Luong:
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