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Even if the name Hokusai doesn’t mean anything to you, his famous The Great Wave off Kanagawa (c. 1830) woodblock print is surely recognizable. This design, or rather a play on it, is the focus of today’s discussion: Uprisings (2010) by Kozyndan.
Kozyndan - Uprisings Review

The History of Uprisings

Created by the husband-and-wife artist team in 2003, the Uprisings illustration originally appeared on the cover of Giant Robot Magazine #28. Inspired by Hokusai’s original, the duo’s rendition depicted fluid waves with the foamy crest atop being formed out of bunnies. Itself becoming an iconic image, Kozyndan’s Uprisings has been released in print editions and as sculptural works of art.

Regarding the latter, the Uprisings designer toy was produced by Munky King, employing Julie B’s Pretty in Plastic to make the 2D to 3D transition. The design was originally released in 2009 as an ultra-limited resin cast version, signed and numbered by the artists. A year later, the first vinyl edition of the work was released, though new releases stopped being made circa 2012. That is until this year.

My Impressions of Uprisings

For 2016’s San Diego Comic-Con, Munky King released two versions of Uprisings: a new edition of their Deep Blue color scheme as well as this brand new Tropical Glow variation. I really love how the lighter turquoise water on this has a speckled metallic element, really letting the form capture light in the way you would think an actual wave would. And the bunnies themselves are a crisp white, one that glows-in-the-dark.
Kozyndan - Uprisings Review
As you can see from the finished vinyl sculpture, great attention was paid to capturing the feel of the original illustration. The water itself is formed from a flowing overall profile, the demarcation within being defined, sharp ridges. But, of course, it is the rabbit-based surf that really stands out: the backside’s rough shape that gives way slowly to precise bunny forms.

An expertly crafted piece, all the seam lines are hidden on the underside, which also has these appreciated feet to keep the piece slightly off the ground. As you might’ve noticed, the backside is completely flat but this serves a functional element — allowing one to place it clean against a upright surface. And while it looks great against a wall, it can actually be used as a bookend.

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