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we’re going to be talking about one member of the South Korean artist group Towooz today: Eun Byeol Choi. Working under the guise of LOFI Collective, Choi started gaining attention in 2013 with her handmade 1/6th scale figures in the likeness of musicians, like Deadmau5 and the entire Rage Against the Machine band.
In the following years, she created some more minimal, cute pieces, like her Bijou Cat (2015) works, but her LOFI persona became more associated with highly-detailed original resin busts and sculptures, many of which were imbued with a fantastical goth aesthetic. So in November of 2016, when she revealed her Skoll design, she opted to brand them under the new Sunny and Cloudy Weather Shop identity rather than her LOFI Collective alias.

My Impressions of the Skoll pieces

While you might know the name Skoll from the lightning wolf character in World of Warcraft, it actually predates that by a long shot. Coming from Norse mythology, Sköll was the wolf that chases the chariot containing the sun through the sky in the hope of devouring it. And this, as well as the Raijū, which were commonly dog- or wolf-like beasts from Japanese mythology believed to have caused lightning, were the basis for this adorable little girl character.

The debut Skoll pieces were cast in resin and hand-painted by Choi, with those first two color schemes quickly followed by holiday-themed versions. But on January 1st of this year, she released these editions, her first factory produced works of art.
Cast in flexible PVC, like The Smurfs figures of yore, these Skolls have no points of articulation but they aren’t truly rigid either. On the original resin editions, the wolf head cap was removable and that — unfortunately — wasn’t translated onto this production version. But the lightning accessory she wields is removable, though a bit flimsy feeling. But none of this detracts from the whole.
A couple of little details that I love about these include the raindrop adorned socks she’s wearing and the cloud-like formation to her hair and skirt. But, by far, the best aspect is the differing wolf head caps.
If you look carefully at them, one has its eyes open while the other’s are closed. This relates back to the mythology behind the character’s name, specifically the sun chasing aspect. When the wolf is awake, the sun goes into hiding from it and thus that version has darker clothing and hair to represent the nighttime. The sleeping wolf head version, on the other hand, represents daytime and thus the lighter colorations.
LOFI Collective - Skoll Review - Wolf heads
Now these are only the first designs of several planned for the Sunny And Cloudy Weather Shop, all of which will be inspired by weather-based creatures from myth and fable.

Editions of the PVC Skoll [show]

For more information on Eun Byeol Choi:
website | shop | facebook (LOFI Collective) | facebook (Sunny And Cloudy Weather Shop) | instagram (LOFI Collective) | instagram (Sunny And Cloudy Weather Shop) | behance

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