Luke Chueh’s Headspace: The Black Set

Today we’ll be taking a look at the Headspace: The Black Set (2016) release from Munky King. You might recall that I already reviewed the initial white version of the Headspace (2015) vinyl figure a while back (see here), which was the first designer toy release in a line that will interpret Luke Chueh’s painting series into sculptural forms.

My Impressions of Headspace: The Black Set

Headspace: The Black Set once again includes a rabbit head, this time in black, but adds a Darth Vader inspired “Father” alternate head into the mix as well. Coming with the body cast in black vinyl, this designer toy release stands 5-inches tall when using the Father head and five-and-a-half inches tall with the rabbit head in place.

Limited to 200 pieces, Headspace: The Black Set came with one — or two — additional aspects: a signed and numbered 8” by 10” archival print set of the original paintings that inspired the two looks.
Luke Chueh - Headspace - The Black Set Review
But what really makes this version stand out is the inclusion of the cloth cape, attached to the neck of the Father head by elastic. Completely removable, this cape could theoretically be added to any of the heads in this series, though the lack of a bottom lip on the other heads makes it staying in place nearly impossible.
One of the best things about owning the new Headspace: The Black Set and the original Headspace release is that you can create new versions of Luke Chueh’s iconic Black in White (2010) and White in Black (2011) figures.
Luke Chueh - Headspace - The Black Set Review

The Future of Headspace

I will admit that I’m beginning to fear this series won’t live up to its original promise: that the alternate heads would be available apart from the bodies so that people won’t be asked to buy the same aspects repeatedly. Now that I have the body in both white and black vinyl versions, one would think all future heads will match these and be available for me to buy individually, but I’m questioning if this is the case due to the Rotofugi exclusive Headspace — Pirate Abe (2015) release, which included the white body with a crying bear head and the shop’s mascot, Pirate Abe, as an alternate head. These looked fantastic, but as someone that already owned the white body, I didn’t like being asked to purchase it again.
Luke Chueh - Headspace - The Black Set Review
With the release of the new Headspace — Devil head on the horizon, time will tell which direction this series will gravitate towards in the future.

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