MJ Hsu’s Delectables Dunny

Today we’re examining a Delectables Dunny (2015) from Taiwanese-American artist Mei-Jean Hsu, who prefers MJ Hsu. Initially inspired by Alex Hallman of Random Skull Productions’ 2014 Dunny Cake pieces, MJ Hsu took the idea of a cupcake frosting topped Dunny but made it so that the hand-painted vinyl Dunny could be housed within the resin cupcake shell. The Dunny appears to be peeking out from inside the cupcake, a concept evolved from the Tea Bunnies toy design Tomy released circa 1995.

My Impressions of the Delectables Dunny

Hsu’s Delectables line depicts a family of small critters who all snuck inside a cupcake factory one night. Hoping to satisfy their craving for something yummy, the critters precariously tried to reach into the cupcake batter but fell into it! Unbeknownst to them, the factory was operated by elves and the batter was enchanted, the exposure turning the critters into cupcake fairies.

A weird backstory to be sure, but nevertheless one that suits these strange creations. The first batch was released on June 10th, 2015, but the one I have here is from the second batch — the DesignerCon exclusive version to be specific. And aside from the skull-and-crossbones faux topping decoration, what really enticed me about this version was that it glows-in-the-dark!
Removable from the cupcake housing, the actual painted Dunny is well executed but overall features flat colors and only small touches of detailing. In truth, though, it’s the overall aesthetic you want to buy these for… and the attention paid to creating the cupcake itself makes up for any other lacking elements.
All the cupcake parts are cast in colored resins and the sculpts are perfectly executed. The liner is made of silicon, so it has a rubbery feel, while the cake itself has an airy, truly baked feel to it. The frosting does only fit the Dunny at one specific angle, but that ensures it is displayed the intended manner: with the Dunny inside’s eyes peering out.
MJ Hsu's Delectables Dunny - Figure
Until Kidrobot opts to make a production version of this design, which I think would be a great idea, those interested in obtaining their own can commission one from the artist.

Editions of the Delectables Dunny [show]

For more information on MJ Hsu:
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