Oasim Karmieh’s Batsy

Oasim Karmieh, professional freelance 3D artist, was inspired to make his first original designer toy sculpture — Batsy (2016) — by his daughter, Emma-Rose. Depicting a child in the immediately recognizable Batman garb, this isn’t a direct interpretation of Karmieh’s daughter. Rather he was inspired by her cheeky personality and her energy, as well as trying to capture her youthful proportions. And I feel Batsy achieves all of these and more.

My Impressions of Batsy

Digitally designed and 3D printed, Karmieh is able to avoid many of the follies inherent within that process. Namely, making things look too symmetrical and perfect. There’s a fluidity to Batsy, a movement to the character’s body and the clothing. And a joyous exuberance in the face that reveals the human hand behind the sculpting.
Cast in resin by the artist, each of these works were then hand-painted by Karmieh. Standing roughly 13-inches tall, this completely black and grey Caped Crusader is packed with thoughtful details, like the four belt pouches with all their realistic touches. In contrast to the rest, the cape is made from fiberglass and does feel delicate in its rigid state. I wish this was cast in something slightly more flexible, like rubber, but it’s a small concern since the assembled work doesn’t place pressure on this part.
Held aloft on a metal pole, Batsy itself can be easily separated, which allows one to enjoy the wooden base more properly. Featuring a painted logo for the character on the top, the underside is signed and numbered by the artist. As you might’ve noticed, this is AP copy #4 of only 10.
Yes, a very limited Artist Proof edition, each one also came with this perfectly simple and direct authentication certificate. But, even better, it came with an instruction booklet that captures the truly humorous nature of this work of art.
Modeled after an IKEA leaflet, there’s a quick visual guide — complete with IKEA Man parody in Batman cowl — with the simple “I don’t have time for this shit… I’m Batman!!” instructions. Handwritten underneath, by the artist, is “I apologize for his rude behavior. Enjoy!” Simple and small details that truly make this feel like the fun-loving art sculpture that it is.
In the instructions you might notice a mysterious box, which indicates a surprise secret object that was included with these: a hand-painted resin pacifier that loosely fits into Batsy’s mouth. My version has a color scheme reminiscent of Marvel’s Deadpool, but each AP copy came with a slightly unique one, with others being based on The Joker and Harley Quinn.
And we’re told that future versions will continue to include pacifiers or possibly other secret objects. Speaking of which, Karmieh is currently considering what the next edition of Batsy will appear as, inspired by either the classic, modern, or even Batman Beyond costumes.

Editions of Batsy [show]

For more information on Oasim Karmieh:
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