Oasim Karmieh’s Louis C.K. Art Toy: Luis

Today’s focus will be on Oasim Karmieh, the Romanian artist and professional 3D sculptor. Or, more specifically, it will be on his new Stand Up Comedy Art Toys series. You might remember Karmieh’s name from our discussion of his Batsy figure (2016, see review here), but — turning his attention from a comic book noteworthy to real life celebrities — he’s opted to pay homage and celebrate comedians.

My Impressions of Luis

And the first piece in this series, as its wooden box suggests, is based off of Louis C.K. Of course, unless you live under a rock, you’re aware this award-winning comedian, actor, and writer’s work. Known for his observational, self-deprecating, sometimes dark and vulgar humor, Karmieh’s rendition doesn’t attempt to capture his personality or comedy style but rather satisfies itself with being a caricature of his physique.

This design started out as a bust that Karmieh digitally sculpted in ZBrush as an exercise. So how did it take on this full figure form? Karmieh evolved it as birthday present for one of his good friends. And, pleased with how it came out, he decided to make a super limited release from it.
And I’m glad he did, as this sculpt is superbly executed. From the core physiology subtly being expressed through the folds and curves of the body to the minute paneling elements on the shoes, every aspect is carefully thought out on this work.
3D printed using Z-ABS plastic, this piece — simply titled Luis (2017) — is super light and delicate feeling, but is actually quite durable. With each copy hand cleaned by the artist, he even carefully used the texture of the 3D printing in the piece — sanding the exposed skin super smooth while allowing a bit of the texture inherent in the process to create the fabric feel for the clothing.
To finish off the piece, Karmieh opted to forego using spraying to apply the paint and chose to brush every aspect on. Giving a nice wash of color variances to the jeans and hair, while keeping the other elements more solidly toned.
Limited to 10 signed and numbered pieces, including the removable microphone accessory, I’m particularly fond with how Karmieh found a way to offer a 3D printed piece while still making it feel like a work of art.
Already having offered his Billy Red piece (2017), inspired by Bill Burr, it has been teased that both George Carlin and Patrice O’Neal are possible inspirations for future pieces.

Editions of Luis [show]

For more information on Oasim Karmieh:
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