Psycho Scimitar’s Woebegone Mamilla

Brooklyn-based Ukrainian artist Alex Gavryushenko, better known by his artistic alias of Psycho Scimitar, has ventured from his silk screened on wood works into a new realm — that of sofubi — with his Woebegone Mamilla (2015) figure.

If you’re not familiar with Psycho Scimitar’s work, or even if you are, you might not know that his name is actually derived from a fictional world he’s created and explores artistically, one that is terrorized by flying sword — known as the psycho scimitar — which beheads all the inhabitants of the land. His art revolves completely around the creatures that are able to survive the scimitar striking them, by either adapting and transforming, or growing new heads and bodies, whatever. It’s a very strange and surreal place, and it works perfectly for his style.

My Impressions of Woebegone Mamilla

Arriving packaged in a bag with a screen-printed header card, there is great attention to detail in just the container. The piece itself is held in netting that has been sewn onto a pair of silkscreened underwear, which is really great packaging that truly reflects the strangeness of this sculptural figure.

The underwear itself, using Velcro, has been turned into a fully functional bag for the piece. Really fun, really inventive, truly everything this artist is about.
The Woebegone Mamilla figure proper is deceptively simple looking, details covering the creature that truly and fantastically embody Gavryushenko’s work. From the eyes that have a little “X” over the pupil to the bloodshot elements on the back here, every little thing it just… it screams his style, right down to the strange little nipples here, which reference the name of the figure, or possibly where the figure’s name is derived from. Woebegone Mamilla means Miserable Nipple, a name which was given to this piece by the artist’s girlfriend, Laura, who titles all of his works.
This first version of the Woebegone Mamilla is meant to show that instant of change after the scimitar has struck it, the creature frozen, its eyeballs bulging forth, ready to evolve into the next thing it can to avoid death, and that is why it comes with an extra eye stock. You see, the eye stocks are interchangeable. Now, because it is soft Japanese vinyl, normally you could just pop these out and pop the next one in, it is really thick vinyl though so I strongly suggest you heat it up using a hair dryer, so you don’t put too much strain on any single element.
Once you’ve heated it up, it should pop right out. Then you can pop the next one right in. These grooved lines at the bottom here really help guide where it goes in, so it gets the full articulation. Gavryushenko is working on a series of new organs and stocks that can sprout forth from these holes, and we are thrilled to see what his fervent imagination will come up with next.

Editions of Woebegone Mamilla [show]

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