Scott Wilkowski’s Bedtime Wilkowski

Within my home resides a full burrow’s worth of Bedtime Bunnies (2014). Peter Kato’s Bedtime Bunnie depicts a sleepwalking rabbit, made all the more adorable by the inspired addition of bunny slippers upon its feet. Having debuted in April 2014 with the 2.5” tall Small and 3” tall Medium sized versions, these immediately found popularity among collectors and Kato added a 4” tall Large version to the family in March 2015.
All these versions were resin, but the design was reinvented in a 6” tall vinyl form at the beginning of this year, produced by Clutter. This extra-large size was the basis for Clutter Gallery’s Le Reve du Lapin exhibition in June, a gallery showcase featuring an array of artists hand-painting the vinyl versions. As part of this exhibit, Wisconsin-based sculptor Scott Wilkowski brought the 6” tall version full circle, returning the design to resin with his Bedtime Wilkowski (2016).

My Impressions of Bedtime Wilkowski

As I mentioned in my review of Wilkowski’s Infected Target (2015) (see here), his artistry takes the form of creating skeletal systems for designer toy sculptures, which he in turn casts within a resin shell of the original piece. And Wilkowski, playing to his strengths, arranged to do a limited edition resin run of them with his original skeletal sculpture inside.

Featuring a rabbit-like skull, its oversized eye sockets lining up perfectly with recession for the closed eyelids, even more impressive, is how the buck teeth line up with the mouth cavity. The body’s sculpted spinal column and ribs are noteworthy as well, but it is the tiny skeletons within the slippers that take my breath away. Each with their own skull, ribs, and spine, it’s this playful concept of the slippers having skeletal structures that makes this one of my favorite pieces by Wilkowski to date.
Limited to an edition of 100 pieces and produced by Clutter, these are truly pristine works. The high gloss finish is one of the smoothest resin coatings I’ve ever felt, and the colorations are spot-on… A transparent smokey gray body encasing a pink skeleton, with pink slippers surrounding bone white innards.
The only thing that bothers me is this hole that was drilled into the bottom. Done to allow the piece to be placed on a stake for spraying, the hole itself is a commonplace enough element, but it was drilled too far as you can see it’s end through the bottom of the leg. A minor complaint to be sure, but one worth mentioning all the same.

Editions of Bedtime Wilkowski [show]

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