Scott Wilkowski’s Infected Target

Today we’re going to be examining a work by Wisconsin-based artist and sculptor Scott Wilkowski, best known for his infected versions of designer toys, such as Frank Kozik‘s Labbit (2003). As you can see pictured below, Wilkowski’s artistry is in creating a skeletal system that fits within the designer toy. So he’s taken the form of the Labbit and created a wonderful skeletal insertion within the resin shell that he’s cast around it.
The skeleton itself is a magnificent work of art. Lots of detailing and design work have been put into this to give it depth and feel, both without the shell and within it.

My Impressions of Infected Target

Now we’re going to be looking at a new work from Scott, his Infected Target (2015) that was released at San Diego Comic-Con earlier this year by Munky King. If you’re not familiar with Luke Chueh‘s Target figure, it was released at San Diego back in 2012. It was a set that included a vinyl bear who came with a little paint brush and bucket accessories, all of which stood on a bullet-ridden, resin backdrop. The figure itself is a dark humor jest at firing squad, obviously; the bear telling the squad where to hit it, right in the heart.

And the heart is very important on this figure, as Wilkowski’s infected version really captures the heart of the matter. Being, I believe, the first time he’s ever included an organ in one of his skeletal sculpts. It’s surrounded by an impossible biology of circular ribs, that really create the target-like design.
Now while it is a stand out element, it is far from the only notable one. The detailing on the back here, the spinal column, or in the face with the mouth, the teeth, the eye sockets, the nose, all fantastically rendered by Wilkowski.
This figure has a smokey gray exterior surrounding a bone-colored skeleton. And it was limited to an undisclosed number, which did all sell out at San Diego Comic-Con. Wilkowski has confirmed that the edition size for this was very small, but he says that there may be future versions coming out.

Editions of Infected Target [show]

For more information on Scott Wilkowski:
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